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Select Recent Projects (2017 - 2020)

  • The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Charleston, SC
  • First United Methodist Church, Baton Rouge, LA
  • St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church, Beaver Dam, WI
  • The Basilica of the Sacred Heart, The University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame (South Bend), IN
  • Midway Presbyterian Church, Powder Springs, GA
  • Christ Church Cathedral – Episcopal, Houston, TX
  • First Presbyterian Church, Boise, ID
  • The Springs Lutheran Church, Sparks (Reno), NV
  • St. Anne Catholic Church, Wadena, MN
  • St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Waukesha, WI
  • St. Rita Catholic Church, Dallas, TX
  • St. Jacobi Lutheran Church, Greenfield, WI

What They're Saying

“It is a pleasure to work with people like yourself, who genuinely care and take ownership of the end result of a system.”

John Hurley
- Systems Engineer with Lee Hartman & Sons of Baltimore, MD

“Our [Innovox] approach to loudspeaker design minimizes the physical presence of speakers in order to allow them to be placed in the locations that most effectively reinforce the voice of the person speaking. Loudspeaker location, and the timing relationship of the loudspeaker with the acoustic sound of the person speaking, are critical in allowing the person speaking to be easily understood."

Chris Oswood
- President at Innovox Audio, a loudspeaker manufacturer based in St. Paul, MN

“All is well. People love the sound coming from the speakers. Thanks for all you did to help the sound in the church. The process couldn’t have gone better and…we couldn’t be happier.”

Laura Zabaski
- Administrator, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN

“Last night at a dinner with some of the young adults, it was mentioned by a newcomer that one could not possibly go to church at [name of church deleted] because the sound was so terrible. This newcomer said that was one of the reasons she liked being at STG – the sound is crystal clear. Her sentiments were echoed around the table. Well done!”

Rebecca Teel
- Parish Secretary, St. George’s Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN

“David worked closely with the church [Pleasant Hill Community Church, Pleasant Hill, TN] and with the design team to ensure all audio-visual needs were well met while blending into the design of the space. Both form and function received equal attention. As a congregation with a high percentage of members aged seventy or above, sound quality was a particular concern. After carefully listening to the client’s goals, he developed a system that exceeded these expectations and worked within the client’s budget. Those members with ‘older ears’ are now thrilled to be able to clearly hear the spoken word and the music.”

Chip Jones
- AIA, LEED-AP, Orcutt Winslow Architects, Nashville, TN 37205

“Greetings Dave! I wanted to first off thank you for your time this week meeting with us covering some of the opportunities with the sales manager from Audix Microphones this week.

Some interesting observations from our calls throughout the rest of the week: We had meetings with a total of 6 consultants as well as a number of AV solution providers. Our hats are off to you Sir! We try to teach our children to "be the exception and win big." You turn out to be the exception to the general rule here regarding professional consultants.

You were the only consulting firm we visited that provides such detailed equipment lists with complete drawings to such a professional level. You are the only person who actually takes the time to fully evaluate the gear before you specify it. You are the only firm we found that personally tunes and validates the end result on each system before signing off approval. This is a huge differentiation making you the exception, insuring the customer is happy and getting what they paid for.

We really appreciate you going the extra mile in taking your role in the process so responsibly. It seems in today’s world we see even some of the largest consulting firms in the country just stamp out a cookie cutter solution, take the money and call it a day much to the detriment to the final outcome for all concerned. Again, hats off to you Sir!”

"Moe" Paulsen
- Spoiled by Technology, Inc. (Manufacturer’s Representative), Blanchardville, WI

“I was not in Abilene to witness the debut of our new sound system this past weekend but I know we now have a great system! I want to share some of the comments I received from friends that have contacted me.

  • “I thought I was in a cathedral. In 32 years we have not had such clarity and crispness of sound in our church.”
  • “The sound quality is excellent.”
  • “We heard every word spoken by every speaker, everyone is elated with the new system.”
  • “The clarity was unbelievable and I looked towards the back of the church during Mass and everyone was listening to the speakers instead of looking down and reading the readings that they always had to do because they couldn’t hear what was being said.”
You may have heard similar compliments while you were on site. This new sound system will be a great gift to our parishioners for years to come. Thank you for the very professional job you did in the design, installation and implementation of our new system.”

Kathy Webster
- Renovation Committee Chairperson, Holy Family Catholic Church, Abilene, TX