Services Provided

In pursuit of your congregation’s goals and to ensure the best possible end result on the project, we provide the services as listed below.  In short, we provide the design and also the project “shepherding” to make sure that every aspect of the project is well taken care of from design to contractor selection to inspection of the finished product.




      1. Issue and review client a-v system surveys
      2. Perform initial site survey, existing system evaluation and testing in the worship space
      3. Procure and review available drawings
      4. Create 3D model using EASE and/or AutoCad from client- and/or architect-provided drawings
      5. Review technology and room requirements
      6. Review existing audio equipment for potential repurposing in the new system
      7. Develop preliminary conceptual design and budgets
      8. Meet with client to review concepts and preliminary budgets



    1. Finalize appropriate speaker systems based on EASE
    2. Make selections relative to input and output receptacle locations
    3. Develop electrical device locations, conduit risers, power systems designs, AC power loads (to be reviewed by project electrical engineer)
    4. Create final system schematic diagrams
    5. Determine other trade requirements: electrical, structural, general contractor
    6. Final modifications to system scheme based on need, budget and priority
    7. Final design review with client

Project Management



      1. Translate EASE maps into detail sheets with loudspeaker aiming and required mounting details
      2. Develop contractor qualifications
      3. Bid package review by client
      4. Bid package issued to invited bidders
      5. Evaluate bid responses – prices, compliance with specified equipment, contractor qualifications and references, substitutions
      6. Recommend successful bidder to client



      1. Provide coordination and solutions during installation process
      2. Assist contractor and client with issues relating to adherence to design intent



      1. Inspect physical installation, test connections and circuits
      2. Develop punch list
      3. Assist installing contractor with digital component programming
      4. Perform system tuning: equalization, time delay synchronization, etc.



    1. Document installation quality
    2. Final system tuning & programming
    3. Perform final system measurements
    4. Consultant attendance at first service or event
    5. Client signs off on accepted system(s)