Custom-fit Consultation

DSH Audio Visions is an independent consulting firm.  With no product to sell and no manufacturer’s sales commitments to meet, we are free to provide every client with exactly the services each one needs.  That means we are objective about the condition of the sound or video system, and about the room acoustics.

Every situation is unique.  There are no such things as “cookie-cutter” designs or consultation processes.  At DSH Audio Visions we study your total situation, and we study the equipment currently in place in your system.  We will be as “full service” as you need us to be!


What if we need a full design and project management process?

It might be a new building project, a renovation project, or simply a long-overdue sound system or video system project.  In all of these cases you need assistance “from concept to completion”.  Our work includes:

But what if we don’t need an entire design process?

That’s okay!  We don’t just try to “sell” you on a new system design and the investment that goes with it.  Our goal is to accomplish what you need for your situation.  Examples of specific needs we are ready and able to assist your congregation with include:

What about room acoustics?

As a matter of due-diligence, we will always pay attention to room acoustics when evaluating the sound system.  The reason is simple: what might seem to be an issue with the sound system can actually be an issue with room acoustics.  For that reason, we always perform acoustic tests along with sound system evaluation.  Here is a list of sound system and room acoustic tests we perform when called in to evaluate your sound system:

We have the testing equipment and know-how to study the acoustical character in your worship space.  We will help you understand how the room shape, structure and building materials play into sound system performance.  We’ll also show you the pro’s, con’s, and trade-offs involved when designing a new loudspeaker system or figuring out why worshipers can’t hear clearly at worship.

We often partner with Scott Riedel Associates of Milwaukee, WI, a nationally-known and regarded acoustical consulting firm, to ensure that “all the bases are covered” when it comes to acoustics and sound for your worship space.  We’ll work together to develop the right balance of acoustic enhancements, which might include:

Adding diffusive materials which will make smooth, flat walls less smooth and flat in order to eliminate reflections that “slap” back and create audible echos.