What People Say

“Please feel free to reference the work at Trinity in any way that would be helpful.  We are extremely satisfied with everything you have done.  If there have been any glitches, those are user related and have nothing to do with your work.  [That said, there really haven’t been any glitches!]”

The Rev. Dr. Gary M. Erdos
Senior Pastor
Trinity English Lutheran Church
Fort Wayne, IN

“All is well.  People love the sound coming from the speakers.  Thanks for all you did to help the sound in the church.  The process couldn’t have gone better and…we couldn’t be happier.”

Laura Zabaski, Administrator
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Nashville, TN

“Last night at a dinner with some of the young adults, it was mentioned by a newcomer that one could not possibly go to church at [name of church deleted] because the sound was so terrible. This newcomer said that was one of the reasons she liked being at STG – the sound is crystal clear.  Her sentiments were echoed around the table.  Well done!”

Rebecca Teel, Parish Secretary
St. George’s Episcopal Church
Nashville, TN

“David worked closely with the church [Pleasant Hill Community Church, Pleasant Hill, TN] and with the design team to ensure all audio-visual needs were well met while blending into the design of the space.  Both form and function received equal attention.  As a congregation with a high percentage of members aged seventy or above, sound quality was a particular concern.  After carefully listening to the client’s goals, he developed a system that exceeded these expectations and worked within the client’s budget.  Those members with ‘older ears’ are now thrilled to be able to clearly hear the spoken word and the music.”

Chip Jones, AIA, LEED-AP
Street Dixon Rick Architecture, PLC
Nashville, TN 37205