Our Mission

DSH Audio Visions is an independent professional audio-video design consulting firm specializing in top-quality solutions for houses of worship, with a special emphasis on “classic” reverberant spaces.

DSH Audio Visions is not an equipment sales outlet or installing contractor.  We have no equipment to sell, no sales quotas to meet.  We do not represent any manufacturer, supplier or installation firm.

We work with our clients to develop plans based on the laws of physics, solid time-tested design principles, and each client’s unique performance and aesthetic requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver sound, acoustic, and video solutions that will allow every worshiper to clearly and comfortably hear spoken word and music – whether acoustic or reinforced through the sound system, and to see images clearly from wherever they choose to sit, via systems that blend into the room’s architecture and that work well within the acoustical environment.


What is a consultant?

A consultant is a service-oriented person or firm who works on behalf of a client.  A good consultant provides designs, guidance and recommendations from an objective point of view.  A true consultant does not operate a store front or an equipment sales and installation business.

Designs and recommendations are delivered by the consultant to the client based on what is deemed to provide the best solution to the client’s need, regardless of brand except to ensure that what is specified is of high quality for performance and reliability.  The consultant should also aid the client with selecting installing contractors who will bid on the design and then install it properly and support the client well after the installation is complete.


That’s What We Are!

DSH Audio Visions LLC is committed to providing the best in master planning and system design while being mindful of the visual impact and budget considerations so typical of congregational life.

We provide the master planning and design services with no pressure to sell a particular product, or meet a sales quota.  We design with only the goal of meeting the congregation’s needs in mind, with an eye on specifying equipment that will last a minimum of 15 years.  We assist the congregation with qualifying and procuring a reputable vendor who will perform the installation work.

DSH Audio Visions additionally provides the project management services to ensure that the design is implemented as intended and that there is efficient coordination between the installing contractor and the congregation.