Hello There!

I’m David Hosbach, the ‘D’ and the ‘H’ in DSH Audio Visions. My wife and Operations Manager, Sandee, generously contributed the ‘S’. Those three initials tell you that 30 years and everything we have go into making every sound and video project a complete success. We say we have a “different kind” of consulting firm. What makes us different?

First, I’ve been blessed to be able to build a uniquely broad base of experience in the professional audio-video industry. I started as an installation technician and worked and studied my way into systems design and acoustical analysis. I’ve spent time on the factory level working in product development, marketing and education. Along the way I have worked with and been mentored by some of the brightest minds in the industry – technicians, systems designers, and component design engineers; all that after gaining my college degree in education with an emphasis on science.

Second, I grew up in a ministry family. I have directed both traditional choirs and contemporary ensembles. I’ve served on numerous church boards and planning committees. This ministry experience has given me a good understanding and practical perspective when it comes to designing systems for churches.

I understand how important it is for every worshiper to clearly hear the Word, whether spoken or sung. I understand the need to see video images clearly. I understand the need to have a worship space that comes alive acoustically and architecturally.

My passion, and my unending commitment, is to help your congregation achieve that balance between sound system performance, room acoustics, and building architecture. It’s the foundation on which every DSH Audio Visions project is designed and every DSH Audio Visions client is served. And it is why DSH Audio Visions remains a small firm, where I personally design and tune every system, and where I come back for the first service or event to make sure that what was intended is what was delivered.

I want to personally thank you for your interest in DSH Audio Visions. I look forward to helping your congregation!

Blessings and best regards,


David Hosbach

President, Principal Design Consultant